counting + cardinality

Understanding that 1 is 1 is 1 is a big deal, but so is understanding that 2 is 2 is 2. As an adult, we don’t count out three bananas to make banana bread, we just grab 3 of them. Our children need this clear relationship with simple numbers to be a great mathematician too!

In this video, my 2 year old is just starting to develop his number sense, but I’ve used this activity successfully to help 1st graders get back to being on grade level in math.

Make this activity yours by counting with whatever your child loves, but some uniformity in size helps them notice other important facts (like “oh wow, 5 is always bigger than 2!”).

Activity Tips:
Give clear feedback.
Allow mistakes! Mistakes are not a bad thing but a chance to learn!
Did I say allow mistakes? Really wait and let them do it.
Model “1 touch for 1 count” with them as needed.

Too easy or hard?
Make it easier by just doing 1 through 3 or stopping after 5 minutes.
Make it harder by going all the way to 10!


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