saying sounds in words

This activity seems so obvious it’s easy to look past it. Don’t! This super effective yet super simple activity helps develop strong phonemic awareness. You can do it anywhere since it needs no materials!

Beginning readers,

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counting + cardinality

Understanding that 1 is 1 is always 1 is a big deal, but so is understanding that 2 is 2 is always 2. As an adult, we don’t count out three bananas to make banana bread, we just grab 3 of them. Our children need

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rhyming to read fluently

My second video is here! Rhyming can be a tricky skill to learn, but this activity is great for helping to build that skill. By seeing how to make rhymes using parts of a word, it is easier to conceptualize rhyming.

This rhyming activity helps us see:
the part that changes (the first sound*)
where it

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sounding out simple words

I am so excited to share my very first video with you! This is one of my favorite reading activities that I have done with both former students and my own child. Any play letters can be used. We used a puzzle with only one missing letter (baby problems!).

This super effective (I have seen it work wonders!) but quick activity is great for beginning readers. It focuses on

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